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I help coaches & course creators turn their skill, passion & expertise

into a full-time income.

Like most heart-centered entrepreneurs, you want to make a difference in people's lives....and get well paid to do it.

But building your business has proven to be more

of a challenge than you thought.

Let's change that, shall we?

Hi, My Name is Sa'Diyya

And I'm your go-to gal for coaches and course creators who want to turn their expertise, passion and skills into a REAL business so that they can

finally get paid to do what they love!

I’m a Digital Marketing and Funnel Strategist specialising in helping coaches launch, grow and scale their coaching businesses online.

I’m the founder of the Six-Figure Coach School, an online membership that gives coaches the ongoing training they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

In addition to extensive experience in the digital marketing arena, (over 15 certifications and over 15 years of hands-on experience) I’m also a Certified Transformational Coach.

I founded the first online Life Coach Training and Certification program in South Africa in 2018 and have worked with hundreds of coaches. This has given me some unique insights into what coaches struggle with and what they need.

So I have a unique skillset in that I have both coaching training and experience and extensive experience and training in the digital marketing arena.


Some Interesting & Quirky Facts About Me

I do things a little differently. Here's why you may like it :-)

  • Born & raised in sunny South Africa, I have lived in the United States and then later in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • I'm absolutely traveling and it's my goal to do 50 cities by 50. (I'm more than three quarters of the way there!)
  • I'm a single mom to 5 amazing kids and grandmother to 3 beautiful grandkids
  • I'm also a Domestic Abuse & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor
  • I established South Africa's first 100% online Life Coach Training & Certification Program
  • I would rather spend money on an Internet Marketing, Business or Personal Development Program than new shoes or a new handbag!

One of my biggest gifts is being able to take complex strategies and concepts and really simplify them and then break them down into simple, doable actions steps.

This is one of the reasons my clients experience such amazing results.

One of my core tenants, and the reason for my success, is that I believe when you lead with value and you focus on serving and helping people first, good things will follow.

You're Finally In The Right Place!

I'm obsessed with helping course creators & coaches build their businesses and make money combining powerful messaging with the power of technology and the Internet....

so that they can live lives of freedom and flexibility....

doing what they love and making a difference in the world.

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I've helped coaches & course creators from around the world to launch, scale & grow their businesses online.

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