Salesmanship is the Hare, Content is the Tortoise – And We Know Who Wins in the En

There’s an old story about the tortoise and the hare who challenged each other to a foot race. At the starting line, the hare took off quick like a bullet. He looked back to see the tortoise moving along slow and steady, but way behind the hare. So the hare napped. Meanwhile, the tortoise slowly and steadily made his way to the finish line to win the race.


You can take away a great business lesson from this fable:


Slow and steady wins the race.


And since salesmanship is the hare and content is the tortoise, you know where to focus your efforts.


I’ve seen a lot of slick marketers come and go in this business in my many years online, but those who were in this business then and still are here now all share one thing in common:


Great content.


Think about it…


Example #1: You can sell anything with good marketing – once. A great sales letter can sell a mediocre eBook, a misleading report or even a downright ghastly video. But as soon as the customers discover the quality of the content, they’re out the door for good.

Some will refund, some won’t, but none of them will ever buy from the marketer again.


Example #2: You’ve probably also seen people use poor content – even “scraper content” – to pull in traffic from the search engines. Problem is, this content is written solely for the search engines, without any regard whatsoever for the end user.

So while the site might pull in traffic, it’s NOT going to garner any repeat visitors.

Both of the above are examples of short-term thinking.

But this sort of business model always leaves the marketer scrambling for new customers, trying to repair his reputation and chasing rather than attracting customers.

It’s exhausting – no wonder people who do this tend to eventually give up!

Listen, making money doesn’t have to be that hard.

Instead of relying solely on great salesmanship to make money, why not focus on a combination of great salesmanship AND great content? That way your marketing and sales copy bring the customer into the door – and your great content keeps them coming back again and again.

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