How To Build Your LinkedIn Profile So That It Attracts Your Target Audience.

Building a compelling profile on LinkedIn requires a bit more thought and effort than simply copying and pasting your resume.

Whilst your profile page will detail your work history, it should also reflect your professional interests, passions and ambitions. Here’s how to create an intriguing LinkedIn profile.


  1. Define yourself clearly and concisely.

Directly beneath your name is a short headline of around 4-5 words. I consider these to be the most important part of your bio because these words are how people find you and define who you are. Angle your headline toward the people you want to attract and use keywords that will help others to find you easily.


2. Include not only what you’ve done but also what you want to do.

Instead of writing a boring job description like everybody else, focus on what you’ve accomplished instead. Share what you love about your work and what you’ve learned from those experience in, but would like to gain experience in.


3. Include a professional looking picture of you.

Having a recent picture of yourself automatically makes you more personable and approachable.


4. Specify how you would like to be contacted.

Choosing your preferred method of contact infers that you would like to be contacted. And that’s always a good thing.


5. What do you want to be contacted about?

Tell visitors what you’re interested in doing. These could be joint venture deals, coaching or consulting offers, business deals etc.


6. List your specialties.

Here you need to list keyword specific experience. These are the keywords people type into LinkedIn’s search engine to find you.


7. List your websites and social media properties.

LinkedIn allows you to add three links to your bio. You can add a link to your website, your blog and your Facebook or Twitter profile


What Not To Include:

  • Any Contact Information You’re Not Comfortable For Your Contacts To See.

This could include your telephone number, home address or personal email.

  • Anything false…..even remotely false.

Your profile will be seen by a lot of people and putting something false on your resume could make people question your integrity.

  • Anything You’d Rather People Didn’t Know

LinkedIn is a professional network, and as such it’s important that you conduct yourself as such. Steer clear of discussing topics such as politics and religion as well.


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