About Me

Hi. My name is Sa’Diyya Patel and I’m an author, lifestyle entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Coach and mom to 5 beautiful children. I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart and I love starting one Internet based business after another.

My passion is helping women to become financially independent and my overriding mission in life is to bring home more moms from the workforce so that they can have the best of both worlds – earning a good income and spending time with their families.

I live in South Africa, which although a very beautiful country, is also a third world one. This means that so many of the things you take for granted in other countries are non-existent or in short supply here. And I'm not talking about luxuries here. I'm talking about basic necessities such as electricity, decent roads and water.

One of the challenges I have to face when building my online business is load shedding. This means that for hours at a time (especially in the winter months) we have no electricity. As you can imagine, it's a challenge to run an online business with no electricity. So if I can do it, trust me, you can as well.

I also have a vacation home in Tampa, Florida, but I do the majority of my work when I'm in South Africa. The reason I'm pointing this out is to show you that if a 41 year old mom with no college degree, with no prior experience in online marketing can do this, so can you.

I started my foray into the online world in 2009 with a website on ADHD - a topic I had become somewhat of an expert in since my husband and two children suffer from ADHD.As I learned how to promote my website, I discovered I loved the topic of Internet Marketing. I sold the website a few years later and then tried a few things before I retured to my passion of marketing and started building my website www.MompreneurGuides.com - a website aimed at helping moms build successful online businesses, just like I have.

That's when I noticed a huge gap in the market. No one was teaching Muslim women these very skills. I decided to step in and fill that void and the sister sites www.WealthyMuslimahOnline.com and www.WealthyMuslimahAcademy.com was born.

Some of my other websites include:

www.MuslimLifeCoachAcademy.com - The Only Online Life Coach Training & Certification Program For Muslims.