16 Reasons You Need To Have Your Own Live Events

Having your own live event can seem daunting, but the results are worth it. Here are 16 reasons you should consider having a live event.

  1. Live events are getting “hot prospects” for your high-end coaching or VIP Programs. Live events don’t have to be big. You can still earn a huge amount of money from a handful of people in the room. It’s the number one way to fill up your high-ticket group coaching program and your bank account in one weekend doing what you love.
  2. Cash Flow and recurring revenue. Having an event two times a year or quarterly can really help with the cash flow problem. The big cash windfalls (like those that come from a product launch or a live event) are great. But you’ve got to keep in mind that bills that come in monthly.
  3. It’s a quantum leap move. Having your own live event is one of the fastest ways to get to the next level. Nothing builds your visibility and gets you noticed by both your prospects and your peers faster than having your own live event.
  4. Boosts your credibility. You’re seen as a ‘next-level’ expert when you have your own event.
  5. Having a live event sets you above the competitors who are not having live events.
  6. Live events are great for creating buzz. A live event gives you an “excuse” to get out there in social media. You can say something like “Hey, I’m going to be in Tampa on such and such date at my live event and so and so will also be there. This is what we’ll be talking about. Check it out” and so on. Then you tweet daily for a few days about the event and send out tweets from the event.
  7. Speaking to a live audience feeds your soul in a way that very little else can. You come away with a new experience of yourself and you get to see how you touch people’s lives.
  8. Other people in your life who don’t understand what you do online can finally get it and understand when you tell them that you speak for a living.
  9. It draws other opportunities to you, such as licensing, book deals, PR and sponsorship.
  10. It enables you to raise money for a charity that you like. You can have a fundraiser right there in your live event.
  11. Live events are a great place to secure clients that you love to work with. People who come to live events are people who are willing to invest in themselves.
  12. Huge cash windfalls. You can earn a year’s worth of income in one weekend.
  13. It’s a great way to get a product created FAST.
  14. It’s a great way to fill membership programs for ongoing cash flow.
  15. You can record the entire event and then sell the recordings for ongoing income.
  16. It’s FUN!

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